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Cinematic, melancholic, and engaging: “Twist In The Wind”, Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem is a two-piece band with a guitar and vocalist– that deals mostly in softer rock with cinematic presentation, dealing with emotive, thought-provoking themes that keep the listener engaged. On their latest project, “Twist In The Wind”, they explore this sound further. Check out my thoughts on the song here!

The first thing that stood out to me when I first listened to this song, is the very dark, and melancholic– yet soothing, oddly– presentation in the guitar tone, only further complimented by the chord progression and the eerily calm female vocalist that seems to keep their calm even while delivering legitimately ponder–worthy lines.

True to the cinematic theme that Carpe Diem seem to love portraying, there is a very subtle bisbigliando with the violin that starts out somewhere around the second verse of the song, growing into a beautiful legato passage, like saplings do to trees under the warmth of the sun; and the accidentals in the vocals are beautifully executed.

Something about this song’s simplicity makes it a rather nice treat to technically listen to and analyse, and I thoroughly enjoyed doing that throughout my journey of listening to the nuances of this song. The song is beautifully wrapped in a bow by the solo that gently leads the listener to the end of the song, ending with a recapitulation of the start of the song.

I hear strong Maiden influences through this song, mixed in with a little “Fade To Black” by Metallica, and those only contribute to making this an even more evocative listen than it initially presents itself to be. Check out “Twist In The Wind” by Carpe Diem here!

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