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Qwiet Type-Uninvited
Qwiet Type-Uninvited
Qwiet Type-Uninvited

Qwiet Type-Uninvited | Gladiatorial

I regret to inform myself that I hadn’t heard of Qwiet Type. However, one of the many pros of this job, is discovering new artists, new sounds. Matt Powell aka Qwiet Type has been making some energetic, catchy music all these years. While I have been intensively smashing away at chicklet keys with the opinionated mindset of a art museum curator. No more sir. Uninvited brings back an era of sound that I have missed for long.

Take the first title track for example. Blending the Genesis type pop drive with electronic beats that David Bowie used as a cool aid during his later years, the pop track is just as driven as it is interesting. Synth sounds and electro-pop mix effortlessly while he adds his own secret recipe to the mixture-him. He takes us on a wild, groovy ride and it ends with heel ache if you’re a terrible dancer like me.

John Mayer brought in a new sound with Sob Rock this year, the 80’s synth rock sound. Qwiet Type seems to have invested on it with the second track, Big Top. With a funk undertone and a great simple guitar riff, the song . He’s in the Big Top, center of the ring because, he said so. The cool admission while the instrumentals provide a good rhythm for a slow dance tune reminds us how well he crafts his songs. From wild dancing to slow waltzing, Qwiet Type is taking care of business.

This is electropop at its best. The strength of digital converted audio is the effect range it has, far more than live tracks. It is incentive to use these effects, which people rarely do. This artist is different because he is the Atticus Ross of this stuff. He explores this sinusoidal curve of tracking music (yes, that was intentional) to create an addictive synth pattern to sing over. As the song progresses, layers join in like a tributary and make way for the finale sound of the chorus, voluminous and explosive. I’m Taken Aback is a great track, my favorite on this album.

And now comes the climax chapter. The closer of the album, Taking On Water has been a very popular track among Matt’s fan circle. I understand why as well. The progression is as much of a hook as it can be improvised and experimented over. It has this great George Michael vibe in the delivery, not the vocal. That is Qwiet Type on a roll, killing it with relatable lyrics that draws people in. Thank the music gods for that chorus as well, I haven’t heard anything that groovy till I have Kool & The Gang night every Friday. We assume it’s a genre out of fashion, but its just come back in more ways than one.

Qwiet Type loves a lot of types of music, and loves to create his own. Credit’s due when due. He blends threads of various types, and as it would be broadly classified as pop, it has its own charm, a very “him” effect to the songs. You dance to them, yet you think about them and the chorus won’t quit your mind. But if you didn’t like his sexy hooks and tracks, its no problem. You’re uninvited.

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Promotional Disclaimer: The content in this post has been sponsored by the artist, label, or PR representative to help promote their work.Promotional Disclaimer: The content in this post has been sponsored by the artist, label, or PR representative to help promote their work.

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