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Jodi Heights’ New Release “The Iceberg”
Jodi Heights’ New Release “The Iceberg”
Jodi Heights’ New Release “The Iceberg”

Jodi Heights’ New Release “The Iceberg” is a Perfect Ode for Present Times

Jodi Heights is known for her intrinsically rich music that is always tinged with classical nuances in one way or the other and yet manages to be ultra-modern at the same time. Her professionalism in music is reflected in her advanced approach to music and how she chooses to address important matters in her music and make it not only worthwhile but also impactful. 

One such recent release of Jodi Heights is a song called “The Iceberg”, a beautifully metaphoric title that won’t let you have an idea of what that song must be realistic about until you actually listen to it. The song beautifully portrays the picture of the modern times we live in wherein we have become a deeply indulgent species who do not care about the repercussions of their own action. The song is about “the iceberg” that suddenly comes up out of nowhere and proves to be fatal. 

With iconic lyrics and brilliant progression, the song feels like storytelling. At times you may think that the song is becoming slightly preachy but then the next moment you are taken by surprise when some great musical element pops up and makes you think twice. 

Upbeat and thoughtfully crafted music by Jodi Heights gives you an oomph in the spirits, something perfect to liven you up. With good energy, contemporary elements, appealing music, and relevant lyrics, “The Iceberg” becomes a perfect ode for the present times. 

Listen to the song right here: 

You also wouldn’t want to miss out her music video, a simple yet thought provoking montage that beautifully pays justice to everything that the song is about. While Jodi is seen working her magic on the piano in an ever so ethereal fashion, there is so much more in this video that will catch your attention. You would love how dance, music, and performance is given the center stage in the video without much unnecessary fuss and drama. What makes a music video really impactful is just that!

Without unnecessary drama, the music video will catch your attention and will make you think. Stellar storytelling and execution makes this one a must watch!

You can watch the music video right here:

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