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From Lighthouse to Idaho, “ONE” by Anoush Is an Album with Diverse Pop Experience and Emotions

Anoush is a multifaceted artist who, besides being a wife and mother, has classical piano training and skills in composing, writing, recording, and production. Her international travels have enriched her with an array of life experiences. Anoush has been creating pop music privately for several years and is now eager to share her works with a global audience. With the release of the successful pop track “Cherry on Top” in 2023, her talent shined through, displaying her flair for writing irresistible pop compositions. Her music has quickly gained attention, with over 100K unique Spotify listeners in just a few months. She is establishing herself as an emerging star in the music industry.

Anoush has released her album “ONE” with 12 tracks, starting with “Lighthouse.” Given its haunting keys, the song generates an eerie yet enticing atmosphere evocative of an old horror movie. Anoush’s sassy vocals shine throughout, and the inclusion of the violin adds depth to the jazz-infused production, making for a strong start to the album.

“California Daze” adds a brighter and more fun vibe to the album. It’s full of groovy synths, reggae overtones, and wonderful saxophone notes that tempt you to tap your toes and sway along.  The chorus is catchy and feels as refreshing as a gentle breeze.

“Cherry on Top” continues the album’s fun and laid-back tone going. Slow-paced beats, quirky guitar riffs, and Anoush’s sassy vocals unite to create a gripping groove. The song has a subtle ebb and flow that makes it very appealing. It honors the eternal warmth and depth of romance while quickly whisking you to a tropical world. What a wonderful vibe!

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“I See You- acoustic version” has beautiful dreamy emotions with a focus on the keys and Anoush’s powerful vocals. These two components are all you need to be carried away on an elegant journey, especially when she says, “this is heaven.” It feels like you’re right there, listening to her perform live with just the piano, as a couple gracefully dances a ballet alongside.

“Library” is another slower song with a sad undertone, although it has a calming effect on the soul. The gentle keys, near-ambient vocals, and the chorus work together to create a compelling atmosphere.

The song preserves its poignancy in “Bullets,” but it builds gradually into an unforgettable and dramatic moment. The iconic moment at 1:20 is quite powerful, and it was a true “Wow” moment for me. Anoush’s pitch control is exceptional, and it shines through in this song.

“Happy Tonight” varies from the previous tracks by adopting an electro-pop feel with joyful riffs, colourful synths, and a lively rhythm. Anoush’s amazing voice glow and the musical arrangement, especially during the chorus, is outstanding.

“Cantina” kicks off with funky vibes and quickly evolves into an infectious song with rich bass, groovy saxophone, and delightful riffs. It’s undeniably a certified bop.

“Progress” is a compelling track that smoothly combines reggae-inspired beats with tantalizing synths and an EDM-infused bassline. The end result is a unique and excellent musical experience that stands out from the crowd. Anoush’s vocals offer a sensuous and witty aspect to the song, making it even more exciting.

With subtle beats and constant acoustic riffs, the “Idaho – off-the-grid version” keeps things effortless. Anoush’s voice stands out, particularly in the overlapping chorus, which creates a dreamlike ambiance. This version lets her voice shine, highlighting her emotional delivery.

“Wishing Well”  has a strong reggae influence that I personally love because it is so alive and joyful. The soulful ambient chorus effect contrasts beautifully with the lively beats, making the song an instant hit in its own right.

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“Do I Dare – bonus track – acoustic” is a work of art. It’s full of melody, emotion, and passion, and it digs deep into the harmonic depth of the song. The vocals take an interesting turn with interjections of spoken, talk-like delivery in between, and the keys fluctuate in an alluring way. It’s the perfect way to wrap up the iconic album!

Enjoy listening to “ONE” by Anoush here.

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