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Marsh Family - My Storybook | Heartwarming 
Marsh Family - My Storybook | Heartwarming 

Marsh Family – My Storybook | Heartwarming 

A Faversham-based family band, Marsh Family is known for their unique styles and collaborative strengths as musicians. Their songs are reflective of both their individual talents and collective talent as a band. Ella, Tess, Alfie, Thomas, Danielle, and Ben, bring their own unique magic to the table and they together create something beautiful with their artistic ingenuity and deep bonds as a family. 

With fresh, heartwarming, and soulful tracks, they bring the most lovable songs that garner love from people from various walks of life. Thanks to their songs’ versatile and appealing quality, people from all age groups will find something or the other to cherish. 

Their recent release, My Storybook, is as impactful as their other tracks and evokes in you a plethora of emotions, but most importantly, it makes you think of people you love. The song in itself is a beautiful portrayal of what it means to love and be loved by people in your life. Staggeringly emotional lyrics make you joyful in the most unexpected of ways but more prominently, it is the music that does its magic. The soundscapes have a unique retro touch to them and are meant to elevate your spirits with their jovial vibe. 

Cheerful, light, and vibrant musicality ensures you get the most out of this song. The song’s production is simple and on point, with no excessive and unnecessary musical facade. You will enjoy every bit of this musical piece!

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