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Atem S - All The Time
Atem S - All The Time

Atem S – All The Time | Nostalgic

Atem S (AKA Adam Smetana) is a Chicago-based musician who indulges in the reminiscent 90s/2000s synth pop. He is able to curate music that sounds as if it just came out of the 90s, with his fast-paced drums, psychedelic synthesizers, and overall upbeat, happy nature of his music. Adam draws his inspiration from Cinema and Nighttime – two things that were distinctively euphoric experiences for anyone in the 90s/2000s.

All The Time definitely follows this vibe. It’s a little difficult to describe this kind of music, mostly because all it can remind me of is how happy everyone was. It reminds me of this unique fusion of Bowling For Soup, Boy George, Culture Club and Simple Minds – all bands that I grew up listening to.

Atem S creates a brilliantly euphoric atmosphere with the synths, and the guitar accompaniment just reminds me of the transition to more electronic forms of music. The driving drums are the most nostalgic considering almost all our music back then used a very similar beat. However, we cannot discount the amazingly quantized vocals of Atem. They’re so relaxing and laid-back, it honestly feels like I’ve gone back to the early 2000s when I put my headphones on.

I cannot recommend this track enough. Just go on and stream it!

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