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FFN - Stay Here With Me
FFN - Stay Here With Me

FFN – Stay Here With Me

‘Stay Here With Me’ is FFN’s latest release, and the somber Alt-pop number has major Owl City Vibes all thanks to the artist’s vocals that take us back to the younger days. Further, influences like The 1975, The Japanese House, and Nightly come through the song with its beat-first body. The lyrical breaks are adorned with melodies and trippy hooks that stay with the listeners.

Matheus Amado is the force behind FFN, and he is a self-proclaimed Indie Pop Sad Boi – I’d say he got it on point! While based out of Nashville now, the artist is originally from Syracuse, Indiana. This move was grounded in Matheus’ desire to find an environment and influences that would help him make his music a bit less melancholic, and probably a little commercial as well.

The song Stay Here With Me by FFN is an honest appeal from the heart. It speaks to a lover who once used to feel like home to the singer. As he has been replaced in his partner’s life, the artist is hurt and dejected. He just wants to have a conversation to clear the air, but it’s highly unlikely that will happen. However, in the midst of this turmoil, he knows that he wants his now ex-partner to stay with him. Overall, Stay Here With Me is a catchy song with a hook that gets listeners invested. 

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