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Teddy Clarke - Bleak
Teddy Clarke - Bleak

Teddy Clarke – Bleak | Dream to despair 

Teddy Clarke is out with his latest single Bleak, a melodic soft-rock composition with his uniquely poised voice and style. The use of a range of instruments, complex riffs, and an earthy-scorched voice are what make this song stand out. Its mellow pace matches the artist’s intended message of making peace with the desponding things about oneself and life.

The song is about the feelings that make one feel bleak and small. These are feelings of not having done enough or having made very little progress. Bleak is Teddy Clarke’s reminder to the listener to first embrace the feeling. After all, it is far more universal than you would think at the moment. And as he refuses to resist these emotions and doesn’t give in to anxiety and self-disappointment, he finds his peace. The artist admits that the track draws heavy inspiration from the way life has seemed in the last two years. Many found their inner light, and this often makes others feel smaller. The pressure is overwhelming, but it is imperative to acknowledge how the world around informs your perception. Consequently, he makes it clear that times change and how we feel changes. And to revel in the moment of deep despair can also be an informative experience. Perhaps that’s how he created the song! 

With that, the upcoming British artist Teddy Clarke lives up to his reputation as an ‘authentically unapologetic’ musician. His origins reflect in his sound, combining piano lines, electric guitars, and beautifully crafted lyrics narrated in his chiseling voice.

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