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Gold Frames on Brown Skin - Anti-Naruto (No Simp)
Gold Frames on Brown Skin - Anti-Naruto (No Simp)

Gold Frames on Brown Skin – Anti-Naruto (No Simp)

Listening to Anti-Naruto (No Simp), I could tell that Gold Frames on Brown Skin has woven his emotions and experience into the track. He has never been anything shy of honest and hard-hitting in his lyrics. Anti-Naruto is about his unpleasant experiences with a woman who played him and his heart. Now his advice to others is to not be a simp who is blinded by the glam of a gorgeous woman. It is to rather be careful and look for a true connection.

He is joined by local legend Big Rube on the song Anti-Naruto (No Simp). While Gold Frames on Brown Skin speaks from a place of hurt, Big Rube is more grounded. He backs his brother up, relaying the same message but in his own voice.

It’s impossible to miss social commentary from Gold Frames on Brown Skin’s music. I guess it’s honest-to-God hip-hop after all. He did the same with Medusa, and since this song is titled ‘anti-Naruto,’ I asked the artist about its meaning to him. Here is what he had to say:

β€œThere is so much music out there putting emphasis on scamming men and living a great life as a result of those actions. (In) majority of my songs, I present the listeners with a story. This time around, I wanted to tell a story of showing what could go wrong when the scammer meets their match. Also, I just don’t understand the β€˜simp’ lifestyle. You spend all this money and time on a person only to get nothing in return. I think it is self-destructive behavior and I wanted to let people know how I feel about it.”

True words. But being from Macon, and having been a musician for as long as you’ve lived has to teach you a lot about the sound too. My next question was how did this experience impact Gold Frames on Brown Skin’s artistic sensibilities?

His answer was straightforward, β€œIt makes you know what you like and not care about anyone’s opinions or feelings they have about your taste in music.”

Since he collaborated with Big Rube on this song, I had to ask him about it. To this, he only had gratitude.

β€œI feel blessed. I have never collaborated with anyone with my solo music, and I wanted to start off with a bang. Around Christmas last year, I heard the instrumental for “Anti-Naruto” and instantly knew I wanted the legendary Big Rube on the track. I didn’t even know how to get in contact with him, so I tried social media and it worked. To work with a legend is one of the best Christmas gifts I ever got.”

If you don’t know, Gold Frames on Brown Skin was part of The Ghost Squad for quite some time, and this taught him some important lessons too.

β€œI learned how important it is to be myself and to never change to make people like me. My taste in music and my lifestyle choices were always different from my friends. They never tried to change me and I appreciate that because I love who I am.”

On a final note, I enquired about the relevance of the name ‘Gold Frames on Brown Skin.’

He explained, β€œgrowing up I used to watch rappers like Pimp C and Master P wear gold chains and gold-framed sunglasses. I thought that was the flyest shit in the world. I love my culture, I love the color of my skin and I wanted a name that defined me. I am a brown-skinned man, who loves to wear gold-framed prescription glasses.”

He also added for his fans and our readers, β€œI have more music coming, content on Youtube, manga, gaming, merch, you name it. You will know the name “Gold Frames on Brown Skin” even if I gotta force it down your throat. Check out my website www.goldframesonbrownskin.com for the latest content from Gold Frames on Brown Skin.”

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