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Moye Desh.Dubs
Moye Desh.Dubs

Desh.Dubs – Moye | Informed Reggae beats the mumble

Moye by Desh.Dubs is three and a half minutes of Carribean beats, and Jamaican slang that I do not need to understand to vibe to. Do I get it? No. Do I vibe? Yes sir, I do. 

Desh.Dubs is a musician and rapper, but he is also a social activist and researcher. No wonder his music is a collage of culture and influences, crafted respectfully and with awareness. He combined his music with visual arts when he moved to the Hague, Netherlands to study. Further, he even holds a Master’s degree in African Studies from the University of Leiden. This accurate awareness of socio-political implications onto African culture, and it’s interpretation inform his music. It is seldom that you find artists which this much substance to them. As a result, there is a lot of value to explore in Desh.Dubs’ music too. This song was programmed by German producer Hendrik Remmers of SoulFyah, and produced and mastered by Ivo Statinsk in Amsterdam, Holland.

Understanding Moye

Raggae beats? Ok, Desh.Dubs has me intrigued. And since Reggae is good for the heart – I started this morning with Moye. And it got me laid back, enjoying myself, and ready to conquer. In no way understanding the lyrical nuances, I think Moye is a vibrant symphony from a colorful artist. Desh.Dubs says about Moye’s inspiration came after a discussion “about women’s liberation in the US; generally how Black women in particular still rise up to the occasion despite decades of abuse and right infringement.” In that way, Moye speaks to the remarkable strength of women, and celebrates their resilience.

Desh.Dub’s delivery takes me back to my childhood when I listened to Sean Paul. And yet the contemporary production distinguishes it just enough to make it clear this is not Y2K!

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