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The Crystal Casino Band - Not About You
The Crystal Casino Band - Not About You

The Crystal Casino Band – Not About You

The Crystal Casino Band is here with their latest album Not About You. And who is to say who is it not about?

The 2021 EP features 8 songs, starting with the album’s namesake Not About You. What follows is a charming collection of Indie Rock music that is nostalgic and fresh at the same time. Based out of Washington DC, the band comprises Jordan Mullaney, Joey Mamlin, Pete Stevens, and Jarrod Hendricks. The Crystal Casino Band has the nostalgia of The Backstreet Boys, combined with the sound of Arctic Monkeys. Oh, and with Punky vocals.

Not About You EP

The first song on the album is ‘Not About You,’ which efficiently sets the context for the album. It opens with gentle electric guitar and fast drum beats. A grounded beat allows for a lot of action with instruments and vocals. Its energetic pre-chorus and chorus are going to get you on your feet!

Next on the tracklist is Complicated. It’s a hopeful ballad on a steady drumbeat which is the backbone of the entire song. A song about the complications of love, it is both empathetic and self-assured at the same time.

Waste My Time is a more jazzy composition with a steady melody built on electric strings. The sound is almost melancholic, going from soft to heavy beats. The lyrics are genuine, talking about how emotions often make people waste their time when they know nothing can come out of a union. The fourth track is Kala, a short instrumental which is super energetic. It serves as a mid-album interlude, as the songs that follow are a bit more carefree and upbeat. 

You’re going to love Bad Luck if you like lots of electric guitar and happy songs about life! The tambourine adds even more fun to the track, which is about making the most of your life because bad luck will come and go at its own pace. Sunset is the rowdy boy of the pack. The song feels like it’s in the voice of a carefree biker who chases sunsets wearing leather jackets and smoking cigarettes. It is also a very positive and bright song with hopeful-sounding guitar riffs.

100 Degrees is the second to last song on the album. It rolls in so smoothly you wouldn’t think you’re nearing the end. The track is about a long-gone love that came together and fell apart in the summer. Masterfully placed, it has more soul and rhythm than its predecessors in the album. Finally, it’s a fiesta with Slow Dance: you can imagine this one as the closing song to a summer love movie. The song also boasts of some awesome guitar solos here and there. The very catchy chorus will you have your singing alongside the singer.

To Summarize The Crystal Casino Band Sound

The Crystal Casino Band mixes a lot of tempos and melodies but it is very easy on the ears. They feature incredible instrumental solos which ground their songs, and bless the ears and hearts of those listening on earphones. Lastly, it seems to me that the album art is almost like a mood board for the album – if you’re someone who takes notice of things like that!

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