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Cassette - Fumble (Kerry)
Cassette - Fumble (Kerry)

Cassette – Fumble (Kerry) | Synth Wave

Cassette (Gaëdy Bindoula) is a French, Minneapolis-based synth-pop artist. Using his fluid bilingualism, Bindoula switches smoothly and with such versatility in his tracks. Cassette uses Bedroom Pop chords, Trap drums, French Disco Grooves, and psychedelic ambience to engage his audience. There’s a real trippy vibe about his music that has you entranced by everything that is happening.

Fumble (Kerry) is a very synth-heavy track. The synth is used in, pretty much, most of the track. The beats are hard and deep, giving the track some depth while everything else creates an airy atmosphere. You feel uplifted, as most Synthwave tracks make you feel. I can’t help by dig the entire vibe. It’s got this nature to get you moving while also being able to relax to it. Cassette seems to have this ability to produce a track that I’ve only known to be exclusive to artists like Tame Impala and Pond. There’s a brilliant use of space throughout the mix. Bindoula has truly outdone himself with Fumble (Kerry).

His early music was great, don’t get me wrong, but Cassette is taking up a step with Fumble (Kerry). Explore his dynamism with the various interludes he creates with his music. It’s, honestly, an experience that everyone should try, at least once. Don’t believe me? Listen to the track for yourself and see!

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