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Manu Singh Gill – Childline 1098
Manu Singh Gill – Childline 1098

Manu Singh Gill – Childline 1098 | Stolen Youth

Childline 1098 is a refreshing Haryanvi rap song from promising musician Manu Singh Gill, featuring VJ Paul. The powerful composition sheds light on the broken education system of India. This further combines with irresponsible adults to create a depressing childhood for the youth. The song jolts you back to reality with honest lyrics that uncover how the kids today lose their childhood. In a place where no one else will talk about it, Manu Singh Gill is.

The song Childline 1098 opens with soulful, thoughtprovoking istrumentals. This sets a captivating stage for the opening, in the voice of a schoolboy who is distraught. The others around him have failed. And as a result, he has grown to despise his life before he has a chance to truly understand the world.

This is where the artist Manu Singh Gill steps in to contextualize. He’s been through it himself, and as an adult he can see how others fail the young ones time and time again. The result is a life that seems meaningless, full of unhealthy comparisons, with a dearth of support through the uncertainty.

The song Childline 1098 to me captures the essence of rap. It gives voice to a ground root issue that causes indefinite trauma. It calls attention to the ignored injustices that cause us to be a broken generation, one after another. Manu Singh Gill has set the trend with his music one track after another: he is no ordinary mumbler. He is a man on a mission. And with his knack for crafting wholesome audiovisual experiences, I’m looking forward to the music video!

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