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Nathaniel Paul - Bitter Melody
Nathaniel Paul - Bitter Melody

Nathaniel Paul – Bitter Melody | Waking, playin’ with the rising sun

Bitter Melody by Nathaniel Paul follows on the tracks of his previous showstoppers like The Phone and songbird. It is an indie soft-rock song with an eclectic instrumental arrangement. Additionally, it has a loopy beat and the indie singer’s voice is gentle and comforting. Contrary to the title, it is a very pleasant melody. With a lively and youthful vibrance, the song makes for a very amusing and relaxed listening experience. 

The composition structure of the song has a strong focus on the beat and drums. And at some parts, it reminds me of some of Tame Impala’s recent projects – especially the collabs. Further, the delivery and tune are structured to be uneven, adding to the indie quirky element of the song. And after all that said, the most striking facet of the song is the guitar riff that opens the song. It is consistently that bright and bubbly part of the song that gives it its unique footprint.

Nathaniel Paul is one-half of the Emmy Award-winning band The Bergamot. Based out of New York, he is constantly producing interesting tracks which combine indie rock with comfortable modernity. He is a big believer of the synth, and guitar riffs that pique your interest with the first strum. Bitter Melody is the perfect song for a sunny afternoon spent indoors but productively. Its fast-paced relaxed vibe gets you feeling up to something without over-pumping you up with adrenaline.

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