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Wave 21, Steve Hill - Way Far Back | Retro Realm
Wave 21, Steve Hill - Way Far Back | Retro Realm

Wave 21, Steve Hill – Way Far Back | Retro Realm

Wave 21, a Canadian Rock band is gaining some attention with their newest record, Brace Yourself. Way Far Back, being one of the tracks from the album, is quite rhythmic, true to their style, yet quite experimental.  

In collaboration with Steve Hill, a passionate artist, Way Far Back feels so retro and yet oddly modern. There just have to be artists who produce classic rock music, with rich retro undertones, just to maintain a fine balance in the music industry. And Wave 21 does just that, compensates for the modern, pop songs with their authentic, classic, numbers. 

In Brace Yourself, they have churned out some amazing groovy, retro songs that just stir the perfect emotions. 

Classic rhythm junkies would definitely fall for the song’s amazing rhythm. With music that is groovy, uplifting, retro, and classy, Way Far Back takes you way far back. But only to make you realise the beauty of the present. The song is a simple yet extremely uplifting, joyful, track that will make you want to play it on repeat if you are in the mood for some drama. 

Vocals are on point, and with elevatingly rich depth, words stir you, to say the least. The whole collaboration fructifies wonderfully in the form of this brilliant track.

Wave 21, is a classic retro number, that makes you wanna sway along to its rhythm. Uplifting, cheerful, rhythmic, are the perfect words that come to mind to describe this track. A must listen!

Listen to this track by Wave 21 and Steve Hill, right here: 

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