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Filip Dahl - Cry of a Broken Heart | Moving
Filip Dahl - Cry of a Broken Heart | Moving

Filip Dahl – Cry of a Broken Heart | Moving

Filip Dahl, an amazing Norwegian rock musician, is back with another soul-stirring track called Cry of a Broken Heart. If you are a guitarist, a rock junkie, or even just someone in need of solace, Cry of a Broken Heart, is your go-to track. 

Cry of a Broken Heart is a mellifluous track. It stirs in you some deep sentiments. The main focal point of the track is the amazing rhythms produced by the electric guitar, that hit you just the right way. The textures, the unconventionality of the melody is attractive, to say the least. 

Cry of a Broken Heart is a song with many layers to it. The musical aspects of it are so vivid and palpable, that the song easily moves you even when there are no vocals. The track is soul-stirring and perfectly complements your blue moods. 

The ingenuity of Filip Dahl as an artist is reflected in this song. If you are a guitarist, this song is a must-listen. You don’t need to be a musician, however, to understand the goodness of Cry of a Broken Heart. As Dahl’s job on the guitar is nothing short of extraordinary. There is so much to seek joy from, and also so much that will inspire you to be better at whatever you are. 

Mesmerizing is a word I would use to define the beauty of this track. You would know why it deserves to be in your blues playlist, only when you delve into its complexities. 

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