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r.mason - rains too loud for t.v. | Soulfilling
r.mason - rains too loud for t.v. | Soulfilling

r.mason – rains too loud for t.v. | Soulfilling

r.mason, a young, avid, talented singer and songwriter from Canada is all about creating music that enriches your soul. This is the best way I could describe her music in a few words. Her music is uniquely enlivening, with textures and undertones so brilliant that the whole experience of listening to her music becomes authentic in itself. 

Her recent EP rains too loud for t.v. is an EP that speaks of her charisma as an artist like no other. Even if you are not a big music junkie, you will know exactly what’s so good about these tracks. It takes no genius to figure out good art. And this one’s no exception.

Rains too loud for t.v. is a fine concoction of tracks, that feels almost transcendental. The uniqueness, the freshness, the crispness, of the tracks will leave you awestruck. On my very first listen itself, I knew I am in the right place. On listening to all the tracks one by one, I realised there is so much more to the tracks, than just the musical goodness of it. R.mason is trying, or rather, effortlessly narrating her story, her experiences, her treasures, and narratives, through these tracks that paint the picture subtly. There is this fineness and subtlety about this EP that dissolves a tint of ethereality into its vibes. What you listen, is not just it. There are so many layers, both musical and intellectual, that make the tracks worth listening to and delving into. You would also absolutely love how there is a fine mysticism in each and every song. The kind of mysticism that feels almost imperceivable. The music is uplifting, in a spiritual way. Through words that anybody would relate to, more or less, the songs become quite relevant and motivational. As they say, in pain there’s an art to seek solace from. This EP is one of the tracks you could go to when feeling unworthy, low, or blue.

The tracks are a mix of rock and electronic music. With tunes that are created with extreme precision and care, you would be able to notice the delicateness of them, if you have an ear for music. They don’t feel over the top because every element has been mixed intelligently. You realise the beauty of the tracks lies in the fine blending of all its elements, that ultimately just fit together so well. 

Beaches, Painted, Things I Say, are some of my utmost favourite numbers, simply because they felt quite authentic. A sense of freshness in each track makes for a good reason to listen to them right away!

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