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Qeeran - Right Here
Qeeran - Right Here

Qeeran – Right Here

Qeeran discovers sonics that fit the delightful contours of his thoughts and string them into mellow, ambient, dreamy R&B soundscapes. The Malaysian-born, Melbourne-based singer-songwriter is big on autobiographical compositions, with each piece glinting with the reflection of his soul. His free-falling style create beautiful melodic refractions that border the swishing fabric of surrealism. In his latest single, Right Here, Qeeran unpacks self-love by claiming his place in the world, at his own pace.

Fine synths slow dance through the song, accentuating the vocals with wonderful emotive qualities. A soft bassline and light beats expand the track by dilating the sonic ethereum within. Weaving in and out of this is the smooth baritones of the artist, its wispy edges dissolving into the vanishing soundscape. The subtlety of the composition, its dallying presence is like a ray of sunshine on a misty morning. You can’t help but seek it out over and over.

The artist debuted in 2020 with his single, One More Dance. And thus began Qeeran’s romance with music. His soul bleeds are led by a keen sense of self that manifests in the form of ruminative lyricism, minimalistic compositions, and breezing soundscapes. Since then, the artist has released five singles and an EP, The Cycle of Love. His vibe is redolent of the elegance of FKJ, Alina Baraz, and Frank Ocean. The artist is currently studying Econometric and Business Analytics alongside self-producing and self-writing his music.

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