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Major Kami – Major Jones
Major Kami – Major Jones

Major Kami – Major Jones | Love Letter To Bowie

Major Jones by Major Kami is a fitting tribute to that style of music that beckons images of a futuristic space age era and setting. David Bowie is someone who inspires countless artists worldwide and to say that he pioneered a style of music that borders on alternative pop and electro would be a statement that needs no attestation as anyone with a cursory knowledge on music history and isn’t living under a rock can easily know. Hence when it is a testament to the exquisite production and songwriting that went into making this song.

The song achieves a feeling of a story which simultaneously sounds melancholic but somehow also with a hopeful twist to it set in an atom-punk world. This juxtaposition is very well illustrated sonically with the use of minimalist musical elements which really sells the idea of a vast expanse coupled with vinyl crackling ambiently that to me imparts the visual that the singer herself is communicating over a radio device and the song is her message to Major Jones. Lyrically the song by Major Kami delivers on the science fiction themes with lines referring to the cosmos, viruses and ofcourse the allusions to sailing the vastness of the universe.

All in all the song is a very lush composition that slowly picks up the pace with pulsing beats and synths and vocal harmonisation that truly have a choral sound to it. This song by Major Kami is truly a love letter to Bowie and anyone who is into ambient lo-fi music or alt pop with it’s overall aesthetic.

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