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“Éther” by La Biche: A Voyage into Dreamy Pop Realms

French artist La Biche effortlessly blends poetry, spoken word, experimental pop, and chill rhythms, gracing her tracks with a voice of nonchalance that will soothe your ears. In the realm of varied influences within chill pop, the artist emerges as part of a new wave in French music, revealing itself through her diverse titles. On her latest single, “Éther”, she delivers a soft, groovy pop number– keep reading for my thoughts!

There is a distinct air of carefreeness, an almost sensual quality to the music from the very get go. The whisper-like quality of the vocals laid atop the deep, hard-hitting sub bass, complemented by the soft piano chords that ring softly in your ears in the hooks and refrains really sets the stage for the rest of the magic to be brought in– and it is, indeed; the whole track is full of these tiny production easter eggs that immediately catch your attention– be it the sliding piano chords in the background, or the dreamy, etheral quality of the melodies.

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La Biche’s vocals on Éther are just on another level here; with the soft tonalities of her voice playing excellently well with the layered vocal presentation. As layers add atop one another, the soundscape is filled with harmonies that invoke a feeling of dreaminess, a feeling of comfort in solitude. A feeling of weightlessness, a time for details, stretching between the ideal and reality. With this track, La Biche invites you to journey out of your comfort zone, where frequencies align in ethereal, minimalist tones; yet the overall messaging remains warm, rich, and groove-inducing.

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Bold semantics, a rap imprint, and frequencies that give you goosebumps. She enchants you, and transports you to her universe, where passion and vertigo intertwine and confront you with yourself– and that is a recipe for a good song, however understatedly you say it. Overall, “Éther” by La Biche gets a two-thumbs up recommendation! Check out the track here:

Here’s La Biche on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/labicheofficiel/

La Biche on Twitter: https://twitter.com/thisislabiche

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