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“Kings And Queens”, by Stay For Tomorrow: Synth rock, but made with extra energy potion

Synth rock as a genre has been picking up in popularity over the last few years– as production techniques evolve and we, as producers, find new things to fiddle with, to make sounds out of. Bands like Imagine Dragons have made the extensive use of electronic synths and percussion widely accepted in rock. Taking a slightly different approach is “Kings and Queens”, by Stay For Tomorrow an energetic four-piece alternative rock band rom Dunfermline, Scotland. Keep reading for my take on the track!

The number one element that stands out throughout the life of this track, to me, is the bright, square-wave-like synth that forms both a big part of the intro, as well as the hooks of the song. Teamed up with the guitar and the very zesty acoustic drumkit, the trio make for a rather interesting foundation that the vocals make excellent use of.

All around, there is a good use of space for harmony, as well as good distribution of energy throughout the song. The energy flows from high to higher with every turn in the road, and that made for an experience that was, quite transparently, enjoyable. The adlibs on the vocals deserve special mention for their elegant execution, as well as overall tightness throughout the song.

The production adopts a more 80s-90s rock approach with hard-panned guitars doing some impressive dual guitar work, with the occasional pizzicato violin thrown in for extra ear candy. While the mixing technique used for the vocals may sound like an anachronism compared to the rest of the production, it still manages to sit together quite effortlessly, and I appreciated that.

With “Kings And Queens”, Stay For Tomorrow have a banger on their hands! Check out the track here:

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