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Sunset + Mine is a husband and wife duo consisting of Rocco Repetski and Valerie. Before coming together to make music, both musicians had thriving independent careers. Music brings them closer, and through their marriage adventure, they provide a unique and joyful outlook on love life. Their music is full of captivating lyrics, vibrant synths, and catchy rhythms with modern zeal. “Honey Let’s Go” their debut single made quite a sensation in the music biz, thanks to its unusual synth work and confessional lyrics.

‘All My Hope’ is an emotionally driven track put together by the duo. Dramatically driven by its instrumentation while showcasing inspiring lyricism that provides this composition with a greater purpose. Given that it’s essentially a funeral song, it ends up being this incredibly serene and melancholic example of moody indie rock that we can’t get enough of. Slipping into the song, the listener is immediately eased into a minimalistic exhibition of Valerie’s vocals. I instantly fell in love with this track because it created an atmosphere nearly impossible to describe. With every line of ‘All My Hope,’ it is evident that forethought goes into planning out the strong musical background. This can be felt in both the melodic and harmonic aspects of the instrumental section. The theme behind the song of being an anthem to people who have lost their newborns is very thoughtful.

We had the opportunity to interview the talented duo. Read on to know more.

1.      Your new single “All My Hope” is very uplifting and deeply
touching. I would love to know what inspired you to write the song.

When we launched sunset + mine, we knew “All My Hope” would be central to the project.  We wrote the song for dear friends who tragically lost their newborn baby girl and sang it at her memorial service.  The song attempts to navigate these struggles: How do you deal with an unexpected, unexplainable loss?  Where do you turn and how do you find comfort?  “All My Hope” is an anthem for someone who’s struggling with fear and loneliness.  Even when the canyon’s shadow seems to be overwhelmingly deep, you’re never alone.  There’s always hope, no matter how desperate and desolate the situation.  

2.      How do you work together on songwriting and composition? Can you
describe your creative process behind the song “All My Hope?”

Working as husband and wife through the creative process is such a blast!  We each have our strengths, so for most songs Valerie focuses on lyrics while Rocco works up melodies and chords.  That’s mostly how “All My Hope” was written, although since the original version of the song was written for the memorial service it’s a bit of a special case.  When we met with our producer, Ian Charlie, to show him this song, we played through the original 10-minute meditative version with a ton of lyrics to get his ideas on how to slim it down.  Ian gave great feedback and then Valerie sat down for a day with the lyrics, cut about 75% of them, sped up the tempo and completely reworked the song into what it is today.  What was originally a funeral song was turned into a 4-minute electro-pop song.  We wanted to make it accessible to listeners of all backgrounds and beliefs, so everyone who hears it can come away encouraged and inspired!

3.      What made you choose the synth-pop genre?

Great question!  We didn’t go into this project with the intent to fit neatly into a specific genre.  Our goal is simply to make music we love and we’re thrilled others enjoy it as well.  Being able to go out on a drive and blast a song with fun, catchy lyrics with a good beat is our jam!   There’s also an extra dimension of creativity possible using different synthesized sounds and layers to construct an atmosphere.  We’ve been influenced by many artists including LANY, Sarah Reeves and Amanda Cook who work amazing sounds into their songs to really bring out the lyric and message.

4.      Why are you called “Sunset + Mine?” Is there an inspiration behind it?

People ask us “who’s sunset and who’s mine?” and there really isn’t an answer to that question.  There’s a famous intersection in Hollywood at the corner of Sunset Blvd and Vine Street near where we recorded the project.  We chose “sunset + mine” as a homage to the area since Los Angeles is where our dream became a reality.

5.      Which artist would you most like to collaborate with?

Amanda Cook.  She is our favorite songwriter and she writes from a place of total vulnerability and passion –that’s something we strive for in our music.  It allows the listener to lower their guard and enter the story being told.  It would be incredible and a dream come true to collaborate with her.

6.      In your opinion, which is the best song you have released so far?
Any personal favorite?

All My Hope” would probably be our favorite.  We’re super proud how it turned out and love its intimacy and powerful message of hope amidst despair.  The response to the song has been overwhelming – we’ve heard the lyrics sung out from the lungs of a little girl battling cancer and have heard how they’ve carried a friend through a breakup.  It’s so inspiring to hear how God has been using this song to bring encouragement to those in pain and our hope is that it will help provide healing and reassurance to anyone who hears it.

7.      What kind of songs or projects do you have coming up?

Sunset + Mine is still super new so we have so much ahead of us!  We’re looking forward to releasing the music video very soon for “All My Hope”, which was super fun to put together!  After that, we have two more songs that we’ll be releasing in the next few months.  We’ll also be putting together our live set since we haven’t yet had a chance to play these songs out.  Oh, and we’re looking forward to getting back out to Los Angeles to record some more tracks with our incredible producer Ian.  The best is yet to come!

Enjoy listening to All My Hope here.

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