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Mike Power – Compulsions | Folk/Rock
Mike Power – Compulsions | Folk/Rock

Mike Power – Compulsions | Folk/Rock

Mike Power is an ardent singer, songwriter, and bassist from the city of New York. Mike is no stranger to the music scene in NYC and has been around for a long time. Mike is an amazing artist who gains influence from the 80s – 90s post-punk music and blends it with modern rock and unique songwriting. Playing in several different bands and at some iconic venues like CBGB’s. 

 A couple of years back Mike Power decided to go solo and release music under his name. His debut album is called “Observations” and is back with yet another album called “Compulsions”. Let’s talk about the album and its ingredients in detail.   

One of the songs from the album is called “I Like You” a fun and groovy track. The song starts with a loud drum roll followed by an amazing and fast rhythm on an acoustic guitar. The intro is groovy and keeps on growing layer by layer with an extraordinary bass line and electric guitar. Soon the vocals of mike kick in with a lot of power and lifts the song up. Mike’s vocals have an amazing soft touch but somehow fit perfectly into the song. The chorus of the song is very interesting and unique. As the drum beat changes, so does the song’s whole vibe, making it even catchier and groovy. The song gives a psychedelic rock vibe with hints of modern acoustic pop. 

Another song on the album is called “The Light in Your Eye” a lovely mellow romantic song. The starts with an extremely mellow and soft acoustic guitar which is just perfect to make your day right. Soon the vocals kick in an old-fashioned way that reminds you of the folk songs from the 80s. The drums come very lightly in the second verse that lifts up the second. The song is very catchy and rises in the last part and ends in a classic fade-out style. “The Light in Your Eye” is a must-listen from the album. 

Mike Power has done phenomenal work on the album. It’s highly recommended to listen to it. 

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