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Tough On Fridays – The Encore You Didn't Ask For
Tough On Fridays – The Encore You Didn't Ask For

Tough On Fridays – The Encore You Didn’t Ask For | Black Star

Texas alternative rock band Tough On Fridays has crafted some finely brewed music with their latest LP The Encore You Didn’t Ask For. The album consists of eight songs and runs for about half an hour, and packs a tight punch!

The act had begun as a simple acoustic duo and has since expanded and have won fans and critics with their stunning musicianship. The power trio currently consists of Caleigh on vocals and guitar, Carly on bass and vocals, and Chris on drums. The band is inspired by the likes of Paramore.

The album begins with a wave of enchanting rock guitars with the first track Overboard! Beautiful rhythm guitar tone, it hits you with a fresh rock sound. Then as the verses enter some enchanting vocals and an upbeat drum lead the song. The chorus serves us that sweet wave like progression. The drums here are tight as every element in the song. With a slightly darker tone, we proceed to the song Cabin Fever. This is a song that builds up and makes great use of arrangement wizardry. From the swells to the appropriate use of dynamics, this song is a complete rock treat. Sink or Swim begins with guitars and drums riff that takes you by surprise and on your toes. Another extremely catchy number by the band which builds to a stunning crescendo outro. I am won over by the musicianship and tight songwriting by Tough On Fridays!

The fourth track is a reimagining of their 2017 single Lush (Reimagined). With its fresh sound, the song really breaks forth. Growing Pains is a laid-back rock ballad that starts electric guitar with clean slightly fuzzed rhythm accompaniment. Vocal harmonies and layering is really stunning on this one. The song ends with their signature burst of energy. The Awakening begins with a dirty and heavy prominent bass line. From the last calmer number, we return back to the fiery rock energy. This is an all-out powerful number that you would enjoy rocking. The second last song Daisy is a rock banger that cements the band’s signature style. The album concludes with the light acoustic ballad Message in a Bottle (Sunday Serenade), with a beautiful aura created.

The vocals have grit, emotion, and passion and are very well performed. Overall mix is very well done. the rhythm guitar tone and arrangement are a personal favourite of mine on the record along with the insane drum performances. Every single song on this album is a treat and super catchy. The band would definitely be a treat to watch live as has been noted. That energy is translated to their album as well.

The Encore You Didn’t Ask For by Tough On Fridays is no nonsense straight alt rock record served to you fresh and steaming.

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