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ANIQO – Balance | Inspiring Psych-pop

On her latest alt/psychedelic-rock track – ‘Balance‘, singer ANIQO collaborates with well-renowned producer Guy Sternberg and takes you on a journey through soothing acoustic spaces and ethereal atmospheres. Having performed with a lot of professionals in the industry as a singer/songwriter, ANIQO is no stranger to the psych-pop/rock scene. Her powerful and haunting voice shines through in her songs and ‘Balance’ is no exception. After her debut single in 2019, she had a sort of a dry spell in her solo career the year later, and then we to on to release four exceptional tracks in 2021.

A soft piano melody plays over slightly dark textures and accompanies ANIQO’s deep vocals. As the track progresses, a subtle electric guitar transition introduces a drum groove and plays on, adding some colour to the harmonic spectrum. She sings in a convincing and confident tone, even though her melodies are somewhat despondent. With strong guitar leads and solid transitions, the track gets increasingly absorbing. If that doesn’t keep you reeled in then the infectious “aah’s” in the hook surely will!

‘Balance’ plays as a soundtrack with a sonic palette that gets richer by the second. The dynamic mix of the track along with the intricate production make this an absolute pleasure to listen to! Just picture yourself in a musical theatre experiencing an intimate story that has just the right touches of psychedelia. Something that you can feel dearly, something that moves you. Close your eyes and ANIQO will take you someplace similar with her performance on ‘Balance’!

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