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Xander Cameron – South Stage Broadway | Dystopian Narrative

Musician Xander Cameron recently released his second EP, ‘South Stage Broadway,’ featuring four emotionally engaging alt-pop tracks that will keep you hooked throughout its fifteen-minute run-time. After releasing his well-received Electronica/EDM-inspired debut EP in early 2021, the artist began working on a more acoustic sound, something more intimate and raw, and he delivers exactly that in his new record. So, if you’re a fan of honest songwriting and captivating music, do spare a few minutes and listen to the magical new songs by Xander Cameron.

South Stage Broadway EP Tracklist

The EP begins with a slow-paced, emotional song called Famous. Average guys trying to touch the sky / To reach that view / But average guys won’t stay up the whole night through” – Xander sings about the desire and journey of becoming famous. It’s a bit sad and there are elements of regret in his lyrics. Accompanied by a melancholic piano melody, a soft beat and smooth strings, the track gets slightly hopeful as it progresses. By the end, it’s almost as if the feelings of rejection and confusion were necessary to comprehend the weight of fame – a truly powerful performance!

I think I know what my problem is / I try too hard at trying / And any fella in a similar state / Could attest that I ain’t lying”. – Late Night Cable TV Channels – Xander’s debut EP earlier this year – Rebel RM Roséme, came to an end with an ambient-pop track called Late Night Cable TV Channels. On ‘South Stage Broadway’ he shares an acoustic version of the same with an intimate guitar progression and soothing harmonies; a somewhat similar sound as the opening song. With his deep, emotive, and almost bizarre lyrics, Xander shares his perspective of 21st-century culture here. –“Lower your expectations / I’m not one for negotiation / But I’ll sit awake / With all the lip fillers and the hard-on killers…”

Track three, Chances, is a melancholic song about an introspective journey and has just the right amount of nostalgia. Xander showcases his love-song writing skills here through soft instrumentals and his intricate lyricism. It’s one of those songs that make you feel sad initially, and since the lyrics are relatable, it also serves as a reminder that you acknowledge and learn from your mistakes. Additionally, the dynamic, string-accompanied bridge section further emphasises the emotive mood of the track. No doubt, my favourite track of the lot so far.

The EP ends with She Lives in Lake Tahoe  – an upbeat track with groovy rhythms, folksy melodies and some Latin music-inspired elements. Xander has showcased his diverse range of songs from sorrowful ballads to feel-good tunes on this EP and I must say, the four songs take you on a beautiful journey. The laid-back vibe of the final track is a nice change of pace; a happy end to a very dynamic EP.

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