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Tom Saint | All My Friends Are Enemies | Genre Bending | Rock | Pop | Electronic
Tom Saint | All My Friends Are Enemies | Genre Bending | Rock | Pop | Electronic

Tom Saint – All My Friends Are Enemies | Genre Bending

Tom Saint has somehow found his way to us here at Sinusoidal Music and we’re very glad he did. His latest single is a rather nice thing.  It is a genre bending mix of noughties rock songs, with modern hip hop beats and pop-smoothness with flawless production values. 

Born and raised in Southampton, Tom Saint started his journey into music from the age of 19 in London. The London underground music scene had a massive influence on Tom. His music does not have any specific genre and that is what makes him stand out in today’s music scene. His music is highly energetic and propulsive, but his lyrics are deep. They document loss, sex, betrayal and other such personal experiences.

It features frantic postmodern synths and solemn piano chords buoyed by EDM-style drops and natural sounds glossed in steely production. His latest single, a particularly heavy genre bending cut called “All my friends are Enemies,” is emblematic of this interrogative and emotional approach.

Using Glitch Mob-esque effects on vocal shouts to assist the melody as he then croons out his melancholic vocals. Dark distorted bass lines are introduced at an alarmingly fast yet measured pace to carry the track to its eventual finish. Each vocal component is woven expertly in between the various elements of bass.

Tom is right in your ear, telling complicated yet familiar tales of people like you and me.  He understands that we are made up of the manifold truths we sell ourselves to keep afloat and that the way we construct our lives out of those fears and fantasies is a mental process. 

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