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Harlow’s Monkeys – when the world for humans ends
Harlow’s Monkeys – when the world for humans ends

Harlow’s Monkeys – when the world for humans ends 

Harlow’s Monkeys is a solo project of Tommy p, an ardent singer, songwriter, and producer. Based in San Francisco, Tommy is a visionary and has a very creative approach to his music. Harlow’s Monkey is an ambitious project that aims to connect with the audience on a much deeper level. Tommy is a storyteller, creating melodies and writing lyrics that take the listener on a journey. His style of music is a blend of multiple genres that collectively shares a lot of emotions. 

Harlow’s Monkey has released several singles, a couple of eps, and two albums, one of which is called “when the world for humans ends”. The album has 7 songs and has a run time of about 28 minutes. Let’s talk about some songs from the album in detail. 

“You don’t have to change if you don’t want to” is one of my favorite songs from the album. The song starts with a fast guitar lick that introduces solid drums and guitar parts. The intro is so good and catchy and has a lot of energy. The vocals of Tommy kick in with a lot of power blending in with the soft backing music. The melody is sweet and simple yet so impactful. The chorus slowly builds up till it unleashes into a full-on catchy melody. With beautiful harmonies and phenomenal music, the song progresses toward the end. It is a song you must listen to.

The next song is called “when the world for humans ends”, the same as the album title. The song starts with a mellow pad fading in with a very distinct lead on a piano. The drums come in slow and breezy with slide guitars and bass. The vocals kick in soon with a beautiful melody and amazing chord progression. One thing to note about all of the songs in the album is the production and use of so many different instruments is phenomenal. In the last part, the song slows down and catches a breath only to go beast mode. With guitar lead running right to left, the drums with full energy and everything being on point. It’s a perfect song to sleep too. 

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