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Marco Francia - Dalla stessa parte | Iconic
Marco Francia - Dalla stessa parte | Iconic

Marco Francia – Dalla stessa parte | Iconic

Marco Francia is an ardent artist for whom music is a tool for bringing humanity closer to love, oneness, and a spirit of zeal. His contributions are worthwhile and one can tell this by delving into the world of his songs where everything carries a deeper meaning and is meant to have a long-lasting impact on its listeners. 

Marco Francia recently released a track called Dalla Stessa Parte, a unique, euphoric number. With so much to offer, the song easily becomes a classic. Its soundscapes are extraordinary that will result in you having an amazing experience.

The artist claims that “”Dalla Stessa Parte” is the result of a project where music, images and words want to convey a message about the need for a paradigm shift in the helping relationship, from doing “for” to doing “with”, where the person in need of care is no longer an object but a subject, and where everyone can make their own contribution, and be “Dalla Stessa Parte/On the Same Side”.”

Even though there is so much in the song that actually will make a difference, the most stellar thing about it is the musicality that has a universal appeal to it. The sounds are trying to elevate you above and beyond the normalcy and the mundaneness. With each and every tune, there comes a euphoric realization about the track and its greater purpose. It dissolves your worries for a moment into the thin air and asks you to relish each and every bit of it, with an open heart. The song will become dearer to your heart if you listen to it multiple times, which I will suggest that you definitely should!

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