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Electric High’s Flicking The Bees
Electric High’s Flicking The Bees
Electric High - Flicking The Bees

Electric High’s Flicking the Bees, Is Going to Be Your Favorite Rock Song in an Instant

Rock music is all about punchy drum beats, hard-hitting bass lines, and face-melting guitar tones. So if you are an ardent fan of a similar kind of music, the latest single by Electric High, Flicking The Bees, is a song that is a must-listen for you. Hailing from the beautiful country of Norway, the five members of Electric High come together from different bands, therefore, it will be right to say that this band consists of a set of musically creative minds. Comprising two vocalists, a guitar player, a drummer, and a bass player, this five-piece band composes gutsy, groovy rock music, and their songs are a sheer treat to listeners.

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The perfect blend of modern and traditional rock music!

Flicking The Bees, Electric High’s latest single, is an out-and-out pure classic rock song with the authentic musical elements of the genre. Besides the greatness of the overall composition, the most attractive feature of the song is the uniqueness of the band itself, which is the two amazingly powerful vocalists. The singers indeed take the song to a whole new level, and their absolutely epic vocal coordination is impressive to the core. Another classy feature of this song is the very traditional-sounding rock guitar solo, where the licks and the bends are tasteful in the sense that you will instantly indulge in an air guitar playing mode while you listen to it.

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So get ready to experience a powerhouse rock song and don’t be late in checking out Electric High’s Flicking The Bees. You can listen to this track here:

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