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frannie b downfall
frannie b downfall

Frannie B – Downfall | Groovy

When oceans collide, one of two things can happen: the waves either go to war, or they exist in a symphony, the latter like Frannie B’s music style. Her sound, best described by herself, is a “melting pot of soulful and gentle vocal lines with an ocean of digital sounds”. At times, she sounds like Rita Ora, while sometimes, she has a heavy R&B sound; it’s a thing of its own, really. With “Frannie B – Downfall”, she presents a zingy, yet tasteful club number that’s sure to become your next earworm.

The lyricism is good, has a singable ring to it; exactly what you expect out of a song geared more towards the crowd. There is a heavy synth-inspired influence at play here, with the drop sounding fun, groovy and remaining very, very danceable.

The instrumentation sounds tastefully chosen, with the right instruments complimenting the right frequencies, sitting tight between the flavourful percussion chosen here. While a simple four-on-the-floor beat, it still manages to incorporate smart percussive (if you can excuse the pun) choices to come up with a fresh, zingy sound.

Overall, the song has a very summer-festival vibe to it; probably what one would hear at a celebration out on the streets of Sicily or Barcelona. I couldn’t help but draw parallels to the general uptempo, peppy nature of other such songs’; but “Downfall” by Frannie B pulls its weight, and pulls it exceptionally well. Check it out here!

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