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I Panic- I'm Here in the Fridge
I Panic- I'm Here in the Fridge
I Panic- I'm Here in the Fridge

I Panic- I’m Here in the Fridge | Panic, with some disco!

Marcel van Tetering is I Panic. A multi-instrumentalist with a predilection for drama, his songs are an honest respite from the drivel you hear on Top 10 lists around the globe. With different sounds aligning to make the most appealing sketch to colour, I Panic tends to make interesting incurvations within the pop/alt-rock world. This is his 2021 track, I’m Here in the Fridge.

Call it personification drama or simple pop rock melody, this track is worth dancing all night to. Like an a-ha track or something, an alternate version of Huey Lewis would have put out, this draws from an encyclopedia of inspirations. The track has a standard disco-pop beat, with jangling guitars providing the rhythmic chime. Vocals and lyrics draw in the perspective of objects in the fridge, in moments when they’re teetering with life. It is another fun and exciting track with a man that loves to experiment with songs and styles.

He’s been releasing songs ever since, his discography coming mostly from 2021. He might be teasing these songs to drum up some excitement for more tracks from this creatively artful musician. Listen to his tracks like Kill the Dog or Decade of the Clown for some classic fun. He brings back and takes you forward in time quite often, so prepare for whiplash.

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