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Joelle Charan - Stained Glass
Joelle Charan - Stained Glass

Joelle Charan – Stained Glass | Honestly Emotional

Joelle Charan is an Independent Pop musician based in London, United Kingdom. She has worked with legendary producers like John Reynolds who mixed and mastered Streetlight Silhouettes. She sparks minimalistic beauty in her soft, honest pieces. While her music is magnificent, it would be amiss to leave out how beautiful Joelle’s voice is. She brings with her, tonnes of emotion and a flair for storytelling that will immerse you entirely. Her music has the kind of energy that makes everything feel magical and bright — almost like a Disney movie.

Her latest single, Stained Glass, is no exception to this. With magnificence and grace, Joelle Charan brings an acoustic track. The guitar that accompanies her throughout the song feels like the perfect accompanist. That is until you hear Joelle’s mellifluous harmonies kick in during the pre-chorus and chorus. Joelle Charan is able to tap into emotions with so much power behind her voice as if she gains strength through talking about such feelings. Joelle’s verse is just as emotional. It taps into darker emotions that echo through the words My true colours are shining through. I’m not sure if it’s the harmonies with an acoustic guitar or the lyrics themselves that pierce through me more. However, I don’t care because I’m too caught up in the beauty of this song.

Joelle Charan has everything she needs to craft beautiful music and she delivers it. If you want a versatile musician with loads of potential to create more amazing tracks, this would be the time to jump on the bandwagon.

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