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Wise Inspirations - Sweet Seduction
Wise Inspirations - Sweet Seduction

Enjoy the Acoustic Blues in “Wise Inspirations'” Sophomore Single, “Sweet Seduction”

Songwriter, composer and artist, Eric Wise has just released his sophomore single, “Sweet Seduction“, under his creative banner, “Wise Inspirations”. The artist’s narrative style allows him to explore new perspectives about universal themes and emotion. Using an acoustic space, he expounds on country blues and rustic Americana that transports the listener to the 80s era of Elvis Presley and John Lee Hooker. 

This latest track plays around with lustful temptation. With jolly melodies and engaging chords, the expressive vocals tell a story about the ongoing game between two potential lovers. The walking bass adds a beautiful dimension and rhythmic contour to the flighty layers of guitar melodies. And this luminous framework is made more enjoyable with a dancing tempo. All in all, the listener gets a story, a song, and a good time. 

Eric is just getting started. With a litany of songs lined up for release, the artist promised a journey that takes the listener through a variety of genres ranging from jazz, blues, and country to funk, pop, rock, and classical. He debuted his sound last month with Pocket Full of Songs and has a third single, Lay My Body Down, all set for release soon. 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Sweet Seduction by Wise Inspirations here – 

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