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KAYBLE-Dream World
KAYBLE-Dream World
KAYBLE-Dream World

KAYBLE brings in his elusive pop sound with his single, “Dream World”

KAYBLE sounds like the introspective soundbox of your psyche. From varying moods to relatable lyrics scored around scintillating melodies, he’ll have you swooning to this new breed of bedroom pop in minutes. This is his latest single that is the soundtrack of a dream, maybe. This is Dream World.

You can hear the reverb and echo even before KAYBLE starts the song. Perfecting this glowing niche where his sound output is perfect, he hits the high immediately. It is almost like an operatic rendition, phasing out to a digital paradox with the effect. The chords are accompanied by a phasing sound, as they create an entrance ticket for the distorted guitar. Listening to his song will remind you of piercing through different dreams. It is something like what you might have seen in the depiction of the quantum realm. With his masterful engineering and perfection of sound, Dream World might have the tact to be even a Bond theme track. It is certainly unlike any genre fluidity I’ve observed in any songs in many years. In the close to 5 minute runtime, the effects and delicate transitions make for a very interesting song.

KAYBLE has established himself as an avant-garde sound. With his songs like Thorns in a Glass House, Wise Man and The Silence You Ask For, he is changing the game. It is like trying a psychedelic for the first time, and the experience is phenomenal. Follow him for more music like this and listen to him redefine pop with his unique sonic ink:

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