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Come to DMG | Damage Media Group | Hip-Hop
Come to DMG | Damage Media Group | Hip-Hop

Come to DMG: A Game-Changing Album by Damage Media Group

When it began, hip-hop was defined by four essential elements. Today, the tracks have hundreds of such elements, but two ingredients remained the most critical: lyrical proficiency and production. It has to be innovative without being distracting or oversaturated. The Damage Media Group are showcasing artists here have both of those down cold, delivering a hard-knocking album that is writing the genre’s future today!

Jackson Romera Henderson  aka Supa Hendo is a rapper, producer, songwriter from Oneonta, Alabama. He is not only the owner of Romera Records, he is also the chairman of Damage Media Group. Ryan Olson, the other artist featured throughout all the tracks in the album, is an audio engineer based out of Memphis, Tennessee. He is the co-owner of “Damage Media Group” and is shaping the local sound of Mepmphis. Their latest album “Come to DMG” features both of them and more artists.

“Come to DMG” starts off with “Remedy”, a very melodic start to the album. The song starts off with what sounds like a hook! And it clearly worked because its already in my head! The vocal effects are amazing, showcasing the excellent production quality that the beat amplifies. The effects do not stop the vocals from bleeding with emotion, as the rapper screams “Remedy”.

The album moves into “Own”, which sounds like a track by the Migos, back in the day. The vocals are all around you, pouring in from random places. A much more upbeat track that defines the sound of the Damage Media Group. This is an anthem for sure! “Get some money” has a really creative beat that just blows my mind everytime. The hook goes hard with the beat and this track just keeps getting more hardcore. A crescendo beat that just makes you grind your teeth and make a fist. Then the hook comes back in, to make this my favourite so far in this album.

In “Sky is Falling”, the rapper brings an infectious energy to the album, with production that’s sure to get crowds moving. Listeners will find plenty to love if they’re fans of catchy hooks, bouncy beats, and a carefree attitude in their rap music. I have to change my favourite already! This album just seems to keep getting better, with various styles to keep it interesting. So far, this hook is the most catchy with a beat that just goes so perfectly with it. The vibe switches again with the next track “Call you right back”. How are they doing this? Every single track changes the vibe but the album on a whole still feels cohesive.

“No Faking” has a really cool intro with an auto tunes humming that takes me back to rap music from 2015-2018. “Saviour” is an out of place track that is completely different from the other tracks in the album. Still, it makes sense when you listen to the album on a whole. Its like a journey through emotions. The album ends with “Complicated” and as the track is aptly named, so is the production. Very creative and out of the box beat that is accompanied by a very effective lyrical flow. A perfect end to the album.

Overall, the production quality is top notch and the way every track knits a whole story together in this album is amazing. That kind of attention to detail is noteworthy and shows that the Damage Media Group has a really good ear. Every track is unique but has its place in this album.

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