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Skar de Line – New Silhouettes | Phenomenal Pop

Swedish-born and -bred artist Skar de Line now resides in London. He’s an artist with many influences. Skar de Line is undeniably original. Everything about this artist is unique and distinct, from his music to his poetry. You can tell that he puts a lot of thought into every step of the process, from creating every song and melody line to writing, directing, and editing his own music video. His lyrics, which rely on parts of electronic metal, hip-hop, and movie soundtracks to create gloomy commercial compositions, aim to address more topics than he ever could. He is motivated at every stage by a dream that gives him the power to craft his own story.

Skar has released a new single called ‘New Silhouettes.’ A song that’s perfect for a day when you just want to clear your mind. ‘New Silhouettes’ is one of those tracks that has the power to make you feel better in any situation, even if it’s a bad day. From the moment it begins, you know this is going to be an upbeat track with a wild pace. The music has a lot of energy, and the vocals are filled with enthusiasm. Skar’s singing almost feels like rap and is so smooth and effortless! The voice effects completely stole the show, and the drums and basses are excellent too!  I would listen to ‘New Silhouettes’ in my car while driving down the street, singing along and enjoying every moment. With brilliant synths and a swift tempo, it is an uptempo tune with a terrific rush of rejuvenating energy. Skar has created another masterpiece, and you can’t help but bop your head along with the tune! Bonus tip: Turn up the volume on your speakers and loosen up with the music to get the most out of this song.

Enjoy listening to ‘New Silhouettes’ here.

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