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allee, pom poms, liv slingerland - boots
allee, pom poms, liv slingerland - boots

Allee – Boots | Psychedelic Shopping

Boots by Allee, featuring Pom Poms and Liv Slingerland is the artist’s latest single. Allee is a songwriter, artist, producer and a musician and the co-founder of the indie rock outfit, The Astronots.

Boots is a song about the protagonist’s irrevocable love for high fashion boots. Glowing like gems in shop fronts, the boots entice and allure the protagonist to surrender to its reign. With curious synth pumps and steady beat cycles in the background, the vocals ensue with seductive licks and sensual touches. The song moves along with sass and swaying electronic music, with quirky synth tangents sectioning off melodies. The appeal of the chorus is contained in the electric guitar rhythm carrying the glazing vocals.

With transitional space music blending with guitar melodies, the second verse grinds against the slow drum groove. The song glides over neon dungeons and drips with dark eye makeup and casts a mercurial shine, leaving a dazed head space in its wake. Delightfully chaotic, the song inspires hallucinatory scenery dripping with technicolor and mind bending topography.

The shred guitar bridge is an interesting interpretation of the theme of the song and beautifully weaves into the electric aesthetic. The guitar appeal flows into the outro, flooring, layering and harmonizing with the electronic tune sagas. Incredibly freeing, Boots by Allee brings out the sinister beauty of the musical underbelly.

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