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Mishkin Fitzgerald & The Chemical Perils – Legs Broken | Upbeat Jewish song

Klezmer, a traditional genre of Jewish folk music, has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years thanks to its energetic and joyous sound. One artist who is keeping the klezmer flame alive is the virtuosic pianist and singer Mishkin Fitzgerald, whose latest single “Legs Broken” released in under a new project in collaboration with the The Chemical Perils. Mishkin has been making waves in the Jewish music scene all around the UK since her 2013 debut album “Present Company”, and is also well-known as the lead singer in the rock band Birdeatsbaby. Inspired by accordion, piano and vocal styles from Jewish Music, Mishkin Fitzgerald & The Chemical Perils share a very upbeat and engaging sound with their latest release.

“Legs Broken” opens with a lively violin solo, immediately setting an exciting tone of the song. Hana Piranaha’s violin playing is effortless and expressive, seamlessly weaving through the intricate melodies and rhythms of a Klezmer-Folk style. The rest of the instrumentation, including double bass, brass, drums in to create a full and vibrant sound. Mishkin’s sings confidently over the uptempo groove, showcasing her fantastic vocals and energetic style; an excellent performance!

“How are you going to get there in the dark my friend? / How are you going to walk there with your legs broken? / How are you going to walk the streets at night again? / When everyone in town knows that you’re poison”

The lyrics of the song seem to depict a conversation between two people discussing the consequences that a thief might face. Jacy de Sousa sings alternate verses and has a unique tone that really stands out, adding an extra layer of emotion to the song.

Overall, “Legs Broken” is a delightful and uplifting folk, klezmer and country tune that showcases the band’s masterful musicianship and deep appreciation for the genre.

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