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Alex Kate – Don't Hold Back
Alex Kate – Don't Hold Back

Alex Kate – Don’t Hold Back | Fresh Anthem

British indie pop singer-songwriter Alex Kate gives us her latest dazzling single release Don’t Hold Back. After her blazing summer anthem Summer Wagon earlier this year, Don’t Hold Back is an inspiring song penned by Alex Kate. With her roots in classic poetry and 70s fashion, she spins tight songwriting with spirited performance and musical execution to create a unique and signature style.

The arrangement consists of synth key melodic lines which catch the attention, especially at the beginning and end of the song. The tone of these is quite pleasant and set the bright and holistic vibe for the song. Harmonizing vocals and other chordal elements make Don’t Hold Back a mind pleasing listen. As Kate describes it thi is a fight song. To turn the other cheek but not be beaten up. It will hold resonance for people with relationship and friendship dilemmas but can apply to any situation where one must deal with things with power and courage.

Vocals by Alex Kate are reminiscent of Karen Carpenter, Kate Bush, and Helen Reddy with amazing production and mixing by Norwegian producer Jørgen Manke. The song manages to create a nostalgic aura. With positive and joyous vibes, the song forms a go win it attitude. Not to restrain oneself and go for what one wants to achieve without reserve. The conventional structure of the song with modern pop production creates a memorable song. A hummable and infectious chorus that sticks in your mind. Alex Kate presents us a confident anthemic pop song with Don’t Hold Back.

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