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Herald K-Wandering Aengus
Herald K-Wandering Aengus
Herald K-Wandering Aengus

Herald K-Wandering Aengus | Of love & youth

With enchanting songwriting, poetic lyricism and soft, balanced instrumentals, Herald K has been composing the most spellbinding tracks. With his 2019 album having a decent stream count, he’s releasing his second single for the year, Wandering Aengus.

Herald K can change the weather like James Taylor or Tim Buckley. Just like these amazing songwriters have rewired how folk and acoustic music can be looked at, Herald does the same with his music. Wandering Aengus narrates a tale of the mythological god of love and youth. While the yarn spun with the gripping lyrics is what really sells this song, it helps that it is accompanied by the most gentle, soulful instrumentals. At no point do the instrumentals cloud the bearing of the vocals, gentle slide flourishes amplify the exemplary nature of the track.

Arethusa was Herald K’s previous release from this year. Another acoustic delight, he manages to combine stringed instruments while retaining the spotlight on the wordings and accompanying guitars. Strange Delights remains his standout work, with a combination of sounds and collection of lyrics that really help form a connection. If this is the raconteur you would want to tell your tales, it’s the one who would sing the tunes too.

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