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From Minimalistic to Chaotic: The Fascinating Journey of ‘Bookshelf’ by GLAM!

Introducing GLAM, the electro-experimental-drama-pop-artist that will take you on a journey like no other! Led by the talented Gloria Amesbauer, GLAM’s unique sound combines overdriven pianos, hectic beats, and powerful vocals that will leave you speechless. From screaming to whispering, GLAM’s fluidity knows no bounds, making every performance an unforgettable experience. With their highly-anticipated debut album “The Color, The Dark” set to release in May 2023, GLAM is set to make waves in the music industry. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to witness the magic of GLAM and their bandmates Markus W. Schneider and Aras Levni Seyhan, who bring their own unique touch to the table.

Bookshelf by GLAM is a hauntingly beautiful slow burn that captivates you from the very first note. The song starts with a minimalistic arrangement that lets GLAM’s powerful and emotive vocals take center stage. The singer’s voice is a potent blend of passion and velvety smoothness, conveying a range of emotions that leaves you spellbound.

As the song progresses, the guitar provides a perfect accompaniment to the vocals, creating a mood that is both dreamy and melancholic. The ambient chorus that slowly builds up in the background adds a layer of ethereal beauty, pulling you deeper into the song’s allure.

But just as you start to lose yourself in the song’s gentle embrace, the mood takes a dramatic turn. Suddenly, the guitar, bassline, and synths come crashing in, creating a cacophony of noise and disturbance. It’s as if the song is mirroring the turmoil and chaos that we experience in our minds when we are overwhelmed with emotions and unable to control our thoughts.

Despite the distorted vocals that emerge amidst the chaos, GLAM’s vocal prowess is still evident as she skillfully navigates the high pitches with ease. It’s a testament to the artist’s versatility and range, showcasing their ability to experiment with different styles and sounds.

The song’s themes of loss, grief, and the fragility of human existence are palpable throughout, making it a perfect fit for a sci-fi or mysterious movie. This experimental electro-pop track is a testament to GLAM’s talent and creativity. With each listen, you discover something new and captivating, making it a song that you simply can’t get enough of.

Enjoy listening to Bookshelf here.

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