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Susy K Hear It From Her
Susy K Hear It From Her
Susy K Hear It From Her

Be Enchanted by Susy K’s Eclectic Neo-Soul EP “Hear It From Her”

Susy K with her EP, Hear It From Her, does a stunning display of modern eclectic neo-soul, jazz fusion, R&B funk music. Each of the four tracks is a masterpiece in its own right, showcasing K’s incredible talent as a singer-songwriter. This is a four-track record that showcases K’s impressive musical skills. The Scottish neo-soul, jazz, and dance singer-songwriter brings a fresh and unique sound to the genre, and her parents’ opera influence is evident in her powerful and emotive vocals. She is influenced by the likes of Stevie Wonder, Moonchild, Jill Scott, Mica Paris, Michael Jackson, and Chaka Khan

From the first note of the title track, ‘Heal’, I was hooked. Susy’s soulful vocals and impeccable instrumentation make for an unforgettable listening experience. Her sonic influences are evident in her work, and her unique style adds a fresh twist to the genre. As a fan of jazz-funk music, I was blown away by this EP. ‘Keep On Going’ and ‘Workin’ are two standout tracks that showcase her incredible range and ability to seamlessly blend different genres. It’s clear that she’s a true musical magician. Hear It From Her is proof of her incredible talent. From the first track ‘Heal’ to the ‘Workin’, each track is a masterpiece that will leave you wanting more.

Susy K makes music that is a fusion of different genres, and it works so well. The record is a statement of her versatility as an artist, and every song is a journey that takes you on a soulful and funky ride. It’s clear that she puts her heart and soul into every note. If you’re looking for some music that will transport you to another aural dimension, then Hear It From Her is the one for you. Her voice is both powerful and tender, and the jazz-funk instrumentals are on point.

The sonic alchemy which makes these songs life-creating are elements like seventh, ninth, eleven chords, with apt voicings and inversions. Unpredictable but smooth chord changes and rhythmic, harmonic complexity. The rhythmic magic includes apt syncopates grooves and time signatures. The music’s emphasis on eclectic harmony, groove, and rhythm creates a strong and compelling foundation for the melodic and harmonic elements.

Dreamy, ethereal sounds. The songs features smooth, layered vocals, jazzy riffs, and intricate percussion patterns. Instrumentation, including saxophone and trumpet that creates a warm, organic sound. Use of apt effects, such as filters and delays, to create a mystical, otherworldly sound. Unconventional rhythms and instrumentation are the creams here. The arrangements and productions features intricate bass lines, virtuosic vocal runs, and complex arrangements that showcase her exceptional artistry.

If you’re a fan of Hiatus Kaiyote or Esperanza Spalding, then Susy K is an artist you need to listen to. Her EP, Hear It From Her, is a must-have for any modern eclectic neo-soul, jazz fusion, R&B funk music lover. This record is a testament to her virtuosity, talent, and passion for music.

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