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Linda Sussman - Power You'll Never Know
Linda Sussman - Power You'll Never Know

Linda Sussman – Power You’ll Never Know

A social commentary on the draconian laws passed in America, curtailing a woman’s rights to her body and choices, this folk-jazz track unveils the fabric of womanhood, its resilience, and power. Linda Sussman has released her new single, Power You’ll Never Know just 3 months after the release of her album titled Shake It Loose Today!

The artist uses biting lyrics that challenge dogmatic preferences and dated mind-sets. “Keep your laws off my body. I’m not your church, I’m not yours to own.” Slow dancing guitar melodies line the mellow and euphonic vocals. Oozing with high femininity and feline grace, and a touch of sensuality, we feel a strong reclamation of freedom, liberty, and autonomy. Renouncing the repressive societal ties, the artist gracefully navigates the patriarchal mine fields laid out by the so called “religious heads and messengers.” 

The self-assured tone of the vocals have a magnetic allure and a prophetic tone as it foresees the destruction of tyrannical structures that aims to imprison women and suppress their potential. A cold anger simmering dangerously, leaks into the acoustic melodies and blossoms ominously out of the vocals. Delicate flowers with glaring thorns, staring daggers and warning to stay away. 

The jazzy flavors comes out in the syncopated rhythm, as the melodies glint. Casting a dim atmosphere; a spotlight, the melodies beautifully complement and make space for the vocals to put up an enchanting show. It’s astounding how such a mellow composition is able to elegantly bring out such a powerful message. The artist has outdone herself with the composition and it’s execution. 

Reminiscent of the sunset sky, the song is like a transfixing potion, filled with the primal beauty of nature and its immutable light. It’s the perfect musical depiction of the silky and intricate power that passes down from woman to woman every generation. Only love for this artist and her music! It’s brilliant.

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