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Wïlderman is the embodiment of pure punk with their single, “Sleepwalkers”

Wïlderman brings the punk energy of the stage to your headphones. The pulsating power is undeniable, it makes for the theme, scheme and ultimate setting for the song. If you haven’t heard of the band or Bobby Anderson, maybe you’re in luck. Or you missed out for quite some time. Either way, I’ll give you a moment to catch up. This is their latest release, Sleepwalkers.

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Feel the fuzz of punk with Wïlderman

Feral energy can be recognised anywhere. Especially in a music performance. Wïlderman create a sonorous, sonic expedition that might go at warp speed. It isn’t as fast as Dead Kennedy’s punk, but it has that raw, rough edged goodness you want from a genre like this. The fuzz in the guitar has been captured immensely well in this production setting. The chorus is worth yelling along to, whether you’re going to catch them live or listening to it on your headphones on full blast. The dual guitar smash is felt and heard, particularly due to the more minimal background. If you’re a sleepwalker, you better believe you’re awake now. Capture the same kind of energy from Who Wants to be an American. Let’s let loose the most uncivilised way possible. 

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Their earlier single NeverReady is worth bingeing repeatedly. You might expect this from son of Young Disciples singer Carleen Anderson and grandson of James Brown’s right-hand man, Bobby Byrd. Music runs within Wïlderman, so you get your favourite set of headphones out and rock out baby!!!:

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