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“Unleash”, by Cam Cole: Ragtag. Anarchy. Rebellion.

If you’ve been reading my posts for a while, you know I am a sucker for a good story behind anything. Cam Cole’s 3rd album “Unleash” captures an incredible journey from London’s streets to global stages. He began as a busker on various street corners, and his viral social media videos garnered him a dedicated fanbase, millions of streams, an appearance on the Emmy-winning TV show “Ted Lasso,” and opportunities for tours and festivals worldwide. Despite being new to many cities, he sold out club shows– and rolling high on his success, we have “Unleash”. Keep reading for my thoughts!

“Ragtag. Anarchy. Rebellion.” This is the arresting opening note of the album, kicked off by “Truth Be Told.” It encapsulates grunge in its purest essence, with elements weaving in and out without seeking permission from the listener. The track’s irresistible charisma pulls you in, unapologetically bold and undeniably good.

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The momentum continues with the second track, “Vibes.” The vocals bear a characteristic grunge-y mix, and a thread of thrash becomes evident. The cowbells maintain the rhythm, evolving into a full-fledged rock piece with all the embellishments that I thoroughly enjoyed.”I Just Don’t Seek To Please” lives up to its name, exuding energy that electrifies not only this song but the entire album. The interplay between vocals and guitars dances playfully, backed by thunderous, arena-style drumming that suits this sound impeccably.As “Freedom” unfolds, the album takes a deliberate dive into a heavier soundscape.

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Saturated instruments deliver a crunch that rivals the most satisfying potato chips. This audacious move impresses and works wonders.Special mentions include “Look Into The Moon,” a softer, introspective piece that serves as a necessary energy gradient. It skillfully guides the listener through various emotions, establishing a perfect balance within the album’s themes. “Slave To The Breaks” marks a return to the crunch-heavy signature sound that has endeared this album to me.

The finale, “Home,” blends melancholy with aggression, serving as a fitting closure.Immaculate production showcases stellar sound design, intelligently interweaving sections that offer enough variety to captivate and engage.”Unleash” by Cam Cole epitomizes the fearless “I don’t give a-” attitude that defines rock and roll—a quality cherished by billions worldwide. It’s all wrapped up for your listening pleasure here:

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