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Dominick Raffaele - 222
Dominick Raffaele - 222

Dominick Raffaele – 222 | Motivated

Updating his discography since the release of his single earlier in the year, USA-based singer-songwriter Dominick Raffaele returns with his second single — 222.

Despite his relatively young discography and a limited number of singles, Raffaele’s consolidation of a very dedicated listener base is indeed laudable. Understandably, with singles like 222, the list is going to get longer. The track runs for a compact two minutes and is held together by some very simple yet effective formulas of the pop genre from over the years. The track fades in with eighties-style synth waves in accompaniment with a very enthusiastic piano, mixing eventually with the self-assured vocals of Dominic Raffaele which exhibit a sense of showmanship and exhibition. Along with the layered harmonies, the track offers a sense of operatic presence — a here-and-now — that becomes definitive of the number.

Understandably, 222 is a brilliant pick-me-up track, all about taking control of one’s present state of affairs and forget about delving into the worries of the past. Dropping the listeners into a stream of self-belief and assurance, Dominick Raffaele sings, “Forget the ways that I’ve been hurt / I’m taking control / Cause it’s overdue (yeah) / I’m living it up”. 

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