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KIN TALA - Swallow
KIN TALA - Swallow

KIN TALA – Swallow | Perspectivism

Dom Rogers and Shee Juma develop on their musical project KIN TALA with the release of their latest track Swallow. The duo returns to their discography following their 2021 single Kemosabe, now exploring genres like electronic pop, dance music and alternative pop with hints of post-rock-like elements.

Characteristically, Swallow uses some widely popular formulas from each of these genre boundaries to produce an electronic pulsation for their near four-minute number, decorating the track with a mildly dystopic yet groovy vibe. Swallow is one of those tracks that is defined by the listener’s perspective, and the duo does well to not encroach upon that individualistic experience — thus only offering a series of instruments to aid the process.

From my perspective, KIN TALA produces a soundscape that is immersive and endless, embellished with lyrics highlighting a sense of morbid songwriting into darker themes. Two singles already under their belts and with inclinations towards a variety of genres that they can chart out towards from here, KIN TALA remains one of the bands on our listening parties whose direction will be particularly interesting to witness.

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