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KIDKORE - Clear To Go
KIDKORE - Clear To Go

KIDKORE – Clear To Go | Reassurance

Debutant KIDKORE makes his entry into the streaming sphere with his dazzling new track — Clear To Go — an optimistic and assuring upbeat acoustic with a three-minute runtime. Clear To Go is a pleasant, lighthearted track sprinkled with adequate synth harmonies and steely guitar tones. The track is made better only with KIDKORE’s oddly reminiscent 2000s-ish pop-rock vocals that dominate the track, making it a song that would surely have found its way into a 2000s high-school movie. At the two-minute mark, the song breaks itself into an upbeat dance-electronica segment, ushering in a discotheque fade out. Clear To Go is a track with a reassuring, sanguine track with a thematic undertone of dejection and failure, but eventually making it out and walking the path upwards. KIDKORE’s music is promising and uplifting, and with the track being his debut, one can only hope for more singles morphing themselves into an EP or a full-length album. A propitious single, listeners are ready for more of KIDKORE and some of that old 2000s pop-rock! 

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