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Evi Bosman – Remind Me | Soulful Canvass

Rotterdam folk singer-songwriter Evi Bosman has a magnificent song with her latest release Remind Me. Remind Me is Bosman’s fourth single released this year after a slew of stunning songs. She is inspired by artists like jazz pop-rock musician Alan Hampton, indie songwriter Phoebe Bridges, and American folk artist Adrianne Lenker. With Remind Me, we get a pleasant soft folk ballad which leaves an enduring taste on your aural palette.

Reminds Me has finger picked acoustic guitar and a cello over it. Soon Bosman’s lush vocals come in. The song provides immense aural richness while the song spins you into a meditative sense of comfort and ease. The beautiful artwork by Bosman’s regular collaborator Stefanie Thiele, blue tinged shades with light reds, is stunning and sets the tone for the song. Much like the grains of the canvas, the bare emotional skeleton of the songwriting is visible in the song’s arrangement and sonic signature. The song lyrically deals with grief and attempts to find ways to remember someone.

The Netherlands singer and composer is able to give voice to her musical vision creating emotions in listeners. Evi’s vocals have an ethereal quality to them. The austere arrangement though primarily consists of guitars and cellos alone, it sounds rich and well encompassing. The mix and production by Maz Abel are incredibly well done ensuring that the song is sonically rich within the context. Remind Me by Evi Bosman manages to give a fresh song in the much trodden idiom of modern indie folk music.

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